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About Kari-Jade Brennan



I'm Kari Jade. Thanks for visiting my site.

I started writing fiction in 2012 because I had something to say, and plenty of time to say it. I wasn't expecting to write an entire story, so once I made it to the end of Playlist I decided to seek professional assistance to start taking my writing seriously.

I'm a self-published author using technology to share my work with readers online, rather than paperbacks, as the environment is my first priority.

If you have a gift, now's the time to share it with the world

K J B  x


My Latest Projects


I'm currently editing my manuscript for Outlier.


I plan on self-publishing this YA SCI-FI novel in 2019.


Early planning stages for this psychological thriller.


I'm hoping to start writing this book later this year.

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