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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

If you're ever lost and can't figure some guys out, this ones for you.

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Ever find yourself... ?

- wondering the real meaning of what he said - waiting by the phone for him to call or text - mistaking the players for the good guys (HINT: Players pretend they're the good guys to trick you!) - wondering why he disappeared after sex - wondering why he says one thing, then does another

- wondering what he really means - questioning him, only for him to say you're imagining it, or it's in your head

- feeling an unexplainable urge to check his phone, and that's not who you are!

- falling for the same type of guys, over and over. And over.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Playlist is for you!

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Always trust your instincts. They pick up on the subtle hints you can easily miss in your busy life. And never, ever, let anyone tell you; 'Your instincts are wrong!' Or, 'It's in your head!' Those responses belong to those who have something to hide.

Why did I write Playlist? I worked with guys for over 10 years, and I witnessed how some guys treat girls. I'm talking about the players, the liars, and the cheaters. I'm not a guy, but I was treated like one of the guys. We played pool. Had drinks after work. Watched football. Talked about sex. Running jokes. Laughed. About. Everything. Life with the guys was simple and fun and it was about forgetting the world and living in that moment.

Playlist is fiction, however, the stuff that goes on can happen in real life. And it does! Anyone can find themselves in the situations explored in Playlist. I wrote this so you can spot the games and the lies and remove yourself from the player's games before you get hurt. Then the right guys who are worthy of a place in your life can move closer to you.

I hope Playlist helps you on your journey to find love (and by love, I don't mean unattainable romanticised movies or The Bachelor) KJB x

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